The table below details the settings available within each customer account, including Customers, Affiliates, and Administrators. To access the Customers page in your Admin Area, go to Customers > Accounts and click on any account ID.


An automatically generated ID to identify this account. For affiliate accounts, this will also be the Affiliate ID.

First Name
The first name of the customer, as entered by the customer or administrator when the account was created.

Last Name
The last name of the customer, as entered by the customer or administrator when the account was created.

Company Name
The name of any company the customer is affiliated with, as entered by the customer when the account was created.

Address Line 1
Address information entered by the customer at the point of registration (e.g. 123 Main St).

Address Line 2
A secondary field for customers to enter address-related data (e.g. Building 10, Apartment 3-G).

Customers can enter a city into this field for their address when registering a customer account.

State or Province
Customers can enter the state, province, or prefecture for their location into this field.

Postal Code
ZIP or postal code information provided by customers when the account was created.

Customers can choose the country they are located in from this dropdown. Note that countries that can be selected from here will be chosen from the list of available countries in your store's Countries list.

This field can contain any notes or text that you want to enter in regards to the customer account. Note that notes entered here will not be displayed to customers and can only be viewed from the Admin Area. 

Access Key
This field can be set to define what type of role each customer account has within your store. Accounts can be set to be standard Customers, Administrators, or Affiliates. Additionally, accounts to be set to Membership Pending (all new registrations are automatically set to this key if you have a members-only site) or can be set as a Cancelled account with no access.

Email Address
Each customer account must have a valid email address assigned to it. Each customer, affiliate or administrator is identified by their email address registered with their customer account. Any automated emails sent to a customer will be sent to this address. Additionally, the email address acts as the user name for customers' login purposes. A Valid email addresses is required for each customer, affiliate, administrator, and newsletter subscriber account.

For standard customer and administrator accounts, the password for the account displays here. Note that customer passwords display to administrators with access to the Customers section in the Admin Area. However, customer passwords are encrypted throughout the remainder of the store and cannot be exported from the system using the API or the Import / Export feature.

Phone Number
Any phone number information for the customer account will be displayed here.

Fax Number
Any fax number information for the customer account will be displayed here.

Website Address
The URL of a customer's website can be entered and displayed here. This field is primarily applicable to affiliates.

Sales Rep
Merchants with a large customer service team may want to assign specific store administrators as sales representatives to specific customer accounts. Merchants can do this by selecting an active store administrator from this drop-down list.


Customer Is Anonymous
If a customer account was created in conjunction with a customer placing an order anonymously (without having to log into the Volusion store), this field will automatically be checked. Note that any account within the Customers table with this option enabled will not be able to log into the Volusion store. 

Email Subscriber
If the customer has accepted the store's invitation or requested to receive email updates from the store, or a visitor to the store front signed up for a store's newsletter through the mailing list form, this field will be checked. With this option enabled, the customer account can received email newsletters from the Volusion store.

Catalog Subscriber
For online merchants who offer a print catalog which they physically mail to customers, this field can be checked to indicate the customer account is subscribing to the print catalog.

Login Attempts
Anytime a failed attempt to log into a customer account is made within a 24-hour period, it will be recorded here. If the number of failed login attempts exceeds 15, the customer account will be locked and customers will be notified that they must contact the store administrator or support staff for assistance. Merchants can unlock an account by clicking on the link available next to this field.

Tax ID
Some customers may be required to submit a special tax ID number. This is often for affiliates sales or tax-exempt customers. This field can contain the tax ID for such customers. 

ID Customers Groups
Merchants can use this field to assign customers to specific groups in order to organize their list of customers. For example, 2 or more customers registered with the store from a specific non-profit charity group can be grouped together using this field.


Pays State Tax
For special customers who are tax-exempt, depending on local state or prefectural tax laws, merchants can set a customer account to be tax-exempt by choosing the option from this drop-down menu. Customer accounts with this option set will not have tax applied to their orders. 

Pricing Discount Level
Customer accounts can be assigned to 1 of 5 different pricing discount levels. Setting this optional field to a specific level will configure the Volusion store to give one of the 5 special discount prices for any product to the customer (provided special discount pricing is set for a product).

Percent Discount
Merchants can configure each customer account to allow a flat, percentage off on the cost of all products within the store by entering it in this field. Note that this field must be less than 100. Furthermore, this discount only applies to the regular price of a product and not sale prices.

IsSuperAdmin (hidden)
If a customer account is granted access to be a Super Admin, this field must be checked. Note that Super Admins have complete access to the entire Volusion's store.

Allow Access To Private Sections
Merchants can enable this variable to give customers access to products that have had the Private Section Customers Only variable checked. Only customers granted access to private sections will be able to view and purchase private products.


Custom Field 1-5
For merchants who have chosen to activate any custom fields for use with customer accounts, the replies or choices customers have entered into any of the 5 custom fields that can be applied to customer accounts will be listed here. See Custom Fields for more information.


Newsletter 1-20
Each customer account can be configured by store merchant for up to 20 different types of interests for newsletter subscriptions. Merchants can define the names of these 20 different interests within the Newsletters table. Once this is done, customers with any specific interest checked will receive newsletters that have the corresponding interest settings enabled within the newsletter.

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