Disclaimer: We recently redesigned our Admin Area. Your store may look different than the one shown in this video, but most click paths were not affected.

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The Volusion Customer Relationship Management System, or CRM System, helps you manage email correspondence to and from your customers. To begin using it, you first need to create at least one department to serve as an inbox. You may even want to create multiple departments to categorize different types of questions your customers ask. For example, you could set up different contact channels for questions related to orders, sales, and product information to keep them separate.

Let's create a department to demonstrate the process. In your Admin Area, go to Customers > CRM System > Manage Departments and click Add. Enter a Private Name – the name you'll see in your Admin Area – and a Public Name – the name your customers will see. In many cases the two are the same.

To quickly create more departments, select Save and Add New from the Save menu. When you’re finished, you can adjust the view of your CRM System home screen with the Department and Filter dropdowns. By default, they display all departments that contain at least one email with a status of "Open".

For more information on managing tickets, see our videos on "How to Create a CRM System Ticket" and "How to Manage CRM System Tickets."

To work more efficiently, each of your admins can customize the My Departments selection with items relevant to their specific duties. Simply select Customize My Departments from the Settings dropdown, make your selections, and save. Now, when this admin chooses My Departments from the Department dropdown, only the chosen departments display.

If you'd like to further categorize tickets within your departments, see our video on "How to Create CRM System Classifications."

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