Before the internet, the only options for shopping from home were mail order and phone orders. While the digital natives of the world may not have even heard of such things, others are still hesitant or not capable of placing orders online. In these cases, you can use our Phone Orders feature to place orders for them. Once you’ve placed the order, you can view it just like an online order.

Check out the following video for a run-down of the Phone Orders feature, or scroll down to read step-by-step instructions:


Getting Started

The Phone Orders feature is a section within your Admin Area where you can place orders on your shoppers' behalf for any of your products. To access it, go to Orders > Phone Orders.

From here, you can create orders for customers, enter their shipping and payment information, collect funds, and more.

The 'Save Shopping Cart' Section

If you're creating a large order that you need to complete at a later time, the Save Shopping Cart section allows you to save the phone order screen, including product and discount information you've entered.

To save a cart:

  1. Type a name for the order in the Cart Name field.

  2. Choose a name from the Choose Sales Rep menu.

  3. If you want to make the order accessible to other admins, select the Available to All Admins check box.

  4. Click Save.

Saved orders appear in the Saved Carts section for later access. Click the cart name to view and edit it, or click the trash can icon to delete it.

Note that unnamed carts are automatically assigned the name "Untitled."

You can also move abandoned carts to this area and view them just like saved phone orders:

  1. Go to Orders > Abandoned/Live Carts.

  2. Copy the cart ID.

  3. Return to Orders > Phone Orders and paste the ID into the Cart Name field.

  4. Click Save.

The cart now appears in your Saved Carts list, where you can select it at your convenience.

The 'Customer Type' Section

The Customer Type section allows you to assign the order to a customer account. You can create orders for anonymous customers, existing customers, or new customers.

  • For anonymous customers*, select Anonymous and proceed to the Order Summary section.

  • For existing customers, select Existing Customer, enter the appropriate number in the Customer ID field, and click Log In. Be sure to complete this step before adding any products to the cart.

  • For new customers, select New Customer, enter the customer's email address, choose a password for them, and then click Create Account.

You can also use the Search tool to look for existing customer accounts by first name, last name, or email address.

*Do not use the Anonymous customer option if you use PayPal's PayFlow Pro gateway. Anonymous customer accounts are not attached to a valid email address, which is required for PayFlow Pro transactions.

The 'Order Summary' Section

The Order Summary section is where you add products to the order. To add a product:

  1. Type a product code or name into the appropriate field. These fields attempt to match your entry with existing product selections.

  2. Choose the one you want to add.

  3. Type the quantity of the product in the Qty field.

  4. Click the Add button located in the Total column of the grid.

Once an item has been added to the cart, its product settings are automatically populated into the grid fields.

You can edit any of these fields as necessary:

Gift Wrap
You can apply a gift wrapping option to products by selecting this check box. In the text field, you can enter an associated cost.

Product Code
Enter a product’s code to add it to the order.

Enter a product’s name to add it to the order.

Any options associated with a product display here. You can edit the product's options by clicking Edit. Note that you cannot add products with options directly to the grid. You must use the Go Shopping option instead (see below).

Select this option to apply tax to the product.

Free Ship
Select this option to apply free shipping to the product.

The weight of the product displays here.

A product’s fixed shipping cost (if applicable) displays here.

FxdShip OutReg
For products with a fixed shipping cost that are to be shipped outside your store's local region, the cost displays here.

Afil Comsn
Any commissionable value to be awarded to an affiliate displays here.

WarehouseIf a product ships from a warehouse or fulfillment center, the warehouse code displays here.

The product price displays here.

This is the number of units of the product you'd like to include in the order.

Note that editing these fields doesn't change the settings on the primary product entry in your Admin Area.

Furthermore, note that there are a few more important options available in the Order Summary section:

Private Products

Before administrators can add private products to phone orders, the Allow Access to Private_Sections check box must be selected in the Special Privileges section of their accounts. This restriction applies to adding products directly to the Order Summary section, using the Go Shopping option, and moving abandoned carts that contain private products to the phone order management area.

Empty Cart

Click the Empty Cart button to remove all products from the cart.

Gift Card

You can enter the 13-digit code of any of your store's existing gift cards or store credits. Click Apply to apply it to the order. This option is only available for existing and new customers.


Enter the code for any coupon configured in your store (see "Coupons / Discounts" for more information). Click Apply to apply the coupon to the order, or click Cancel to remove a coupon from an order.


The Shipping menu contains the same shipping options available to a shopper on the storefront. These options are dependent upon the products currently in the cart. Note that you must define a shipping address for the order before you can view applicable shipping options.


If you’ve made any changes to shipping rates, coupons, or discounts, you can manually update the order total by clicking Recalculate.

The 'Address' Section

The Address section is where you define or edit the customer’s billing and shipping address details.

For anonymous and new customer orders, you’ll have to fill in billing and/or shipping information manually. If the order uses the same billing and shipping details, fill out one of the address sections and then click either Same as Shipping or Same as Billing above either address section to copy the information to the other.

If you’re logged in as a registered customer, you can select a saved shipping or billing address from the Select Saved Address menu. You can add to, edit, or remove any addresses associated with the customer's account by clicking View/Edit. Note that clicking Delete All deletes all saved address information from the customer’s account.

To remove a single address from the customer’s account, select it from the Select Saved Address menu and click Remove Selected.

Once the billing and shipping details are filled in, click Apply Tax & Shipping to update the order total with applicable shipping and tax costs.

The 'Payment' Section

The Payment section is where you enter the customer’s payment information and complete the order. Choose a payment type from the menu, and then enter the required information for the payment type you selected.

You can also add two different kinds of notes to the order. Order Comments are visible to customers in their order management areas. Private Notes are only visible to store administrators.

Placing an Order

When you’re ready to create an order, click Place Order at the bottom of the page. After you take this step, you'll have three additional options:

  • authorize and capture payment for the order (if applicable)

  • lock the order to prepare it for shipping and completion

  • email the customer shipping invoices

If all order information is correct is valid and you're able to collect funds for the order, you’ll be taken to the order's details page to view and finalize it after you click Place Order.

Please see "Order Processing 101" for further information.

Tips and Special Settings

Important Note on Creating Phone Orders

When using the Phone Orders feature to create an order for an existing customer, be sure to log in to the customer's account prior to adding any products to the shopping cart. Doing so will ensure that any applicable discounts or special pricing levels are processed correctly.

One-Time Use Coupons

One-time use coupons are designed to restrict customers from using a single coupon code multiple times. The system stores the IP address from which the coupon code is submitted and uses that IP address to designate a unique customer. Administrators are subject to the same one-time use restrictions as customers, so administrators cannot use a one-time use coupon code for more than one phone order, even if orders are created under anonymous users.

If a customer placing a phone order wants to use a one-time use coupon, you’ll need to create a duplicate (or substitute) coupon that does not have the One-Time Use Coupon feature selected. The new administrator-only coupon code can be shared among administrators who use the Phone Order page to avoid the restrictions imposed by one-time use coupons.

Using the 'Go Shopping' Option

In some cases, you may want to use your storefront's shopping cart functionality to create an order. It's also necessary to do so when a customer orders a gift certificate or a product with options. To shop on your storefront while creating an order with the Phone Orders feature:

  1. Click the Go Shopping button in the Order Summary section.

  2. You’ll be directed to your storefront's shopping cart page in a new browser tab. There, add products to the shopping cart just as a shopper would.

  3. When you’re finished, close the shopping cart window and return to the Phone Orders feature in your Admin Area.

  4. Click the Refresh button in the Order Summary section to reload the grid; it now includes the products you added from the storefront.

  5. Finish processing the order as described above.

Email Confirmations

Once you place an order with the Phone Orders feature, an order confirmation email is automatically sent to the customer that the order was created for, unless the order was for an anonymous customer.


The Phone Orders feature works with all payment types configured on your store, but the PayPal option is only available from the storefront on the shopping cart page. As a result, if you choose to allow PayPal payments on phone orders, the customer must proactively pay you through PayPal afterward. For this reason, we don't recommend using the Phone Orders feature for PayPal orders.

Fraud Score

Fraud Score is incompatible with phone orders. If you use Fraud Score when processing orders, note that no score will appear for phone orders.


Ring, ring! It’s a phone order? Yep! Now, if someone wants to do business the old-fashioned way, you can help them out (and open up a new revenue channel — yay!).

But even if you don’t take orders by phone, the Phone Orders feature can still be useful for creating orders from your administrative account, processing orders offline, or testing product ordering from your store. You can even move abandoned carts into the phone order management area, making it easier to turn lost sales into closed sales!

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