If you have a traditional retail store and sell products or services in person, you can use your store's Point of Sale feature to process transactions. Point of Sale (POS) enables you to accept cash, checks, or credit/debit cards.

In order to process POS credit card transactions, you need a compatible Swipe Card Reader, also known as "swiper."

Buying a Swipe Card Reader

Make sure your swiper is capable of reading tracks 1 and 2 on standard credit and debit cards, and that it uses a USB interface in Keyboard Emulation mode, such as the MagTek SureSwipe. Make sure your model works with Keyboard Emulation mode. Many swipers are also produced with HID mode, which won't work with the Volusion POS feature.

Setting Up a Swipe Card Reader

To set up your swipe card reader, connect it to your PC using the USB cable supplied with it. You can use any vacant USB port. The device should be automatically detected. No device drivers are required. The green/red status light should light when the device is ready for use.

Using a Swipe Card Reader

To use the swipe card reader:

  1. Go to Orders > Point of Sale. This will take you to the Point of Sale interface on your storefront (http://www.yourvolusionstore.com/pos.asp).

  2. From the Payment Method drop-down menu, select Credit Card.

  3. In the Security Code field, enter the CVV2 number from the back of the card.

  4. Position your cursor in the Use This Field For CardSwipe field and swipe the card. The payment details will automatically populate.

  5. Click Accept Payment.

The order should then be processed as usual.

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