Now that you've followed the directions to set up your email account, let's go over some commonly-used features in your Volusion Email. Check out the video below to learn more, or keep scrolling for step-by-step instructions.

Create an Alias

An alias presents a particular email address to customers with a different name. For example, if you wanted all help-related questions to wind up in the inbox, you could create a alias for that email. Here's how to get one set up:

Access your Email settings by clicking the Manage Email link under My Stores in the left hand navigation menu of your My Volusion page.

On the MyVolusion email account management page, click the Add button above Aliases.

In the Alias field enter a unique name for the alias. This will be the email address for the alias.

In the To: field enter the mailbox or mailboxes where you want emails sent to this alias to be forwarded. You can also add email addresses that do not belong to this domain – for example, To add multiple emails in the To: box, separate each email with a comma and no spaces.

Click the Create button to finish creating your email alias.

Your new alias will be listed in the Aliases section of your email management page and any message sent to the alias will be accessible in the email inbox you specified in the To: field.

Back-up your Email

If you've got some extra important emails, follow these steps to save them to your computer:

Login to your email account at

Check the box next to each email you would like to save.

Select More from the toolbar, then select Export to Zip.

Emails will be saved together as a .zip file. The emails inside the .zip file will have the file-extension .eml. These files can be imported into other email programs, such as Office 365.

Forwarding Email

Having an email address with your domain name is a great business practice, but let's face it: having to manage your personal and business emails separately can be a real drag. Fortunately, there's an easy way to forward emails from your business address to another inbox.

Login to your email account at

Click the ☰ Menu button at the top-right, next to your email address and choose Settings.

In the pop-up menu that appears, choose Incoming Email.

Select the Forwarding tab, and toggle the status On.

In the Forward to field, enter the address where you would like to have your email forwarded.

(Optional) Check the box Enable only during the following time frame, and select the time frame when you would like email to be forwarded to this address.

Click the Save button at the bottom right of the popup.

You can automatically forward email to a maximum of 15 other addresses (four of which can be outside of the domain, such as Gmail and Yahoo). Settings can take 5 - 10 minutes to take effect.

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