The Volusion Payment area takes the guesswork out of configuring your payment options. Read more here! 💸 

Payment Settings:

A simple payment process is one of the most important aspects of your store. 

At the bottom of the Payment Gateway tab is a link labeled Alternative Settings that opens the Payment Capture Settings window.

These settings govern how your store will authorize credit payments. By default, Volusion is configured with the most secure setting. However, you may need to make changes to the authorization/capture mode. 

For more information on how to capture a payment click here

Capturing Payment Inside the Order:

One of the most exciting parts of opening an online store is seeing your products fly off the virtual shelves. That is, until you realize that you have to process all of these orders. And then, panic strikes. 😟

While this might seem like a lot of work, we’ve totally got your back. In just 5 fast steps you can be an order-processing pro. So let’s get steppin’.

For more information on how to capture a payment click here

How to Issue a Credit:

It’s bound to happen … a customer will make a purchase from your store and it just won’t please them. 👎Here comes the return and request for a refund. 😒

Before you get bummed out, remember that returns are just a normal part of business. It’s how you handle what comes next that counts.

Returns for a refund or store credit are great opportunities to turn a less-than-ideal situation into a customer service win. We’ll show you how. 😊

For more information on issuing a credit click here

When and How to Issue a Refund:

Learn how to process returns for a refund or store credit, and make your customers’ experience go from sad to glad!

For more information on how to issue a refund click here

Voiding Orders:

To void a transaction is to cancel the authorization prior to capture, or to cancel it after capture but before your gateway has submitted a record of the capture request to your payment processor (the payment processor only has a record of the authorization prior to that point). 

Most gateways submit all captured transactions to the processor once per day on a regular schedule. The time of day varies by gateway provider. Check out the article to learn more about voiding a transaction!

For more information on voiding orders click here

Offline Payment Records:

Learn how to add an offline payment record for those times when an order takes a slight detour off the familiar path.

For more information on how to apply offline payment records click here


Make checkout easy-breezy for your customers through PayPal Express

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