We are increasing our prices and offering new and simplified plans with unlimited bandwidth, beginning September of 2018. Please refer to the related FAQs below.

Why is Volusion increasing prices?

While we don’t take any change in our pricing model lightly, Volusion’s goal is to continue improving our service for the long term. This will be Volusion’s first price increase in the previous 15 years, despite large-scale investments in Volusion platforms, people and infrastructure, as well as overall inflation in the SaaS market.

Why is Volusion offering new Unlimited Bandwidth hosting plans?

We’ve recently audited our customer feedback and determined that bandwidth overages are a significant pain point with our founder base. The issue, in most cases, is that these overages take some of our merchants by surprise, and it has hindered their ability to test and scale.

Will Volusion start charging transaction fees on Unlimited Bandwidth plans?

No, unlike our competitors, we will not be layering transaction fees on top of hosting plan fees. We’re offering our new Unlimited plans in order to simplify our pricing, and to ensure that costs are as transparent as possible for our founders.

How does Volusion determine my new Unlimited plan level?

Your Unlimited plan level is determined based off of your gross merchandise volume and the number of products in your store.

What if I don't want a new Unlimited plan?

No problem. Although we do believe the Unlimited Bandwidth plans are typically the best options for our merchants, the choice is up to you. If your GMV is less than $500k/year, then you may keep your old plan at the increased rate if you prefer.

When will this go into effect?

The new pricing will go into effect starting September of 2018. Volusion's new Unlimited plans will also become available at this time.

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