Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Auto-Update Product Price: When using specific product/option combinations, the updated product price displayed as NaN on the storefront. We resolved this issue.
  • PayPal Express Upgrade: For certain stores using the PayPal Express Upgrade payment method, the shipping method drop-down menu was not appearing after shoppers input their address information. We resolved this issue.
  • Sell on eBay: When attempting to select a product at Marketing > Sell on eBay > Add > Select Product, the modal would refresh after product selection instead of loading the next screen. We resolved this issue.
  • Generic API: When posting updates to the Generic Products API without including <stockstatus></stockstatus> in the XML, the following error message occurred: "Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types". We resolved this issue.
  • Instant Postage: If a full "Ship From" address was missing or was entered incorrectly in the Instant Postage setup, a label could still be printed with missing information. We resolved this issue: a complete and correct "Ship From" address is now required to print an Instant Postage label. Additionally, the Instant Postage modal was sometimes appearing unexpectedly on the Order Details page (when scanning in a tracking number OR pressing the enter key after inputting information into a text box). We resolved this issue.
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