Features and Improvements 🌟

  • Instant Postage feature improvements: We've added the ability to collapse extra information when it isn't needed. We've also added clearer informational prompts to let you know when a specific action should be taken. 
  • Products with Setup Costs: When a product in the shopping cart includes a setup cost, the relevant product name will now appear on the same line that highlights that cost. If you've specified a Setup Cost Title for the product, that title displays in place of the product name.
  • SSL Expiration Notification: In the event that your SSL has expired or is expiring soon, you'll see a popup notification in your Admin Area that prompts you to renew. To prevent the popup from displaying in error or persisting after you've installed a new SSL, we’ve also included the ability for the popup to "re-check" for an active SSL.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • CRM: We resolved an issue that was causing attachments in the CRM feature to return a “File Already Exists” error.
  • Auto-Update Product Price: This feature previously required the activation of both the Auto-Update Product Price and Display Update Price Button config variables in order to function correctly. This is no longer the case; the feature can be activated by enabling only the Auto-Update Product Price config variable.
  • UPS Live Rates: Changes to the UPS Live Rates signup process caused an error to display when attempting to sign up for UPS live rates through the Admin Area (this issue did not affect users who were already connected). We’ve corrected the issue so that UPS Live Rates signup functions as normal.
  • Back in Stock Requests: We’ve made some adjustments to the way that your store handles Back in Stock Requests when stock is adjusted via API and Import/Export. The store will now appropriately send emails when stock is adjusted through either of these methods, and will skip over any invalid email addresses it encounters.
  • Scrolling issue in Chrome: An intermittent issue prevented some Google Chrome users from scrolling to see the entirety of content their homepage content in specific situations. We've resolved this issue.
  • Message Us Admin link: For certain users, the Message Us link in the Admin Area was opening the user's default email client, rather than opening a live chat with our Support team as intended. We've corrected this issue, and the link will now successfully connect you to our Support team Live Chat every time.
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