Features and Improvements 🌟

  • We added a red notification bar to the Admin Area at the bottom of the page that lets you know when your SSL certificate is about to expire. It displays a days-remaining-to-purchase counter and provides an Order Now option.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • When users visited the homepage with Content Builder enabled, all snippet images loaded whether the tray was open or not. We now only load snippet images when the tray is open.
  • When users collected payment on orders with non-taxable negative discounts, the discount affected the tax calculation and created a negative balance on the order. Furthermore, the Affects Tax? value on the order details page was incorrect (showed N when it should have shown Y, and vice versa). We fixed these issues.
  • When users selected one of the new batch order processing functions for an order that used a gift certificate as a payment method, an error occurred. We fixed this issue.
  • When shoppers ordered products with 12-digit UPC codes, no bar code displayed on the packing slip. We fixed this issue.
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