Features and Improvements 🌟

  • On Admin Area edit pages with a Save drop-down menu option, we added highlighting in the menu to better clarify which option is active, which option the cursor can activate, and which option you've activated.
  • At Orders > Process Orders, we added two new batch order processing functions: Mark as Shipped and Send Shipped Email (Marks as Shipped).
  • On the administrator access rules edit page, we added Amazon and eBay rules to control access to our Sell on Amazon and Sell on eBay features. Previously, the API rule controlled access to these features.
  • We added a Created Date value to customer edit pages (in the Basic Info section) and product edit pages (in the Advanced Info section, on the Misc tab). It displays a value for records created after this release (for records created prior to this release, the value reads “Not Available”).
  • At Inventory > Categories > List View, we added a Drag/Drop View button to let you easily access the drag & drop view. Previously, this wasn’t possible if you set your default category view to list view.
  • On the customer edit page, when you click Select Allowed Shipping Methods, the Restricted Shipping Methods section of the dialog box is now expanded by default.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • The Admin Area announcement bar inadvertently hid some functions of the order details page. We fixed this issue.
  • When shoppers took an action that displayed a price in a PayPal Express dialog box, and then closed the box, took an action that changed the price, and reopened the box, the price didn’t update properly. We fixed this issue.
  • When the Paypal Signup Tracking ID and / or Paypal Partner Referral Id config variables (which our latest PayPal Express integration uses to automatically connect a store to a PayPal account) contained invalid values, stores that weren't connected to a PayPal account had no option to connect. We fixed this issue.
  • Individual currency pages at Settings > Currency only displayed the PayPal Express Currency Code value if PayPal Standard was enabled. We now display the value if either version of our PayPal Express integration is enabled.
  • On order invoices, stores using the most recent version of our PayPal Express integration showed “PayPal Express Upgrade” as the payment method. We removed the word “Upgrade” in this scenario.
  • On customer edit pages and CRM ticket pages, buttons in the upper right sometimes displayed incorrectly. To prevent this issue, we wrapped the text that displays to the left of the buttons.
  • When shoppers selected Show gift options during checkout on the shopping cart page and clicked Proceed To Checkout, a 500 error occurred. We fixed this issue.
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