Features and Improvements 🌟

  • At Orders > Process Orders, we added sorting options to the Filter menu for uncaptured payments and partial payments. We also added similar new options to the Accounting section of Advanced Filters.
  • We added a new Allow Free Shipping Restriction config variable to let you restrict free shipping options from some customers. When it’s on, a Disable Free Shipping Access option appears on customer edit pages in the Special Privileges section.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • When shoppers copied and pasted a coupon code into the appropriate shopping cart page field with a trailing space, the code declined. The field now automatically identifies and strips trailing spaces upon submission.
  • In our April 19, 2018 release, we suppressed the autofill function on the Zip / Postal Code field of the checkout page for Firefox users to mitigate the effects of a Firefox bug. We’ve now reverted that solution and added several automatic price recalculation triggers to account for the bug while allowing Firefox users to make full use of autofill.
  • Administrator password length requirements were not being enforced on the administrator edit page in the Admin Area. We fixed this issue.
  • When administrators tried to change their passwords on the storefront and didn’t meet the administrator length requirements, they received error messaging pertinent to customer accounts in addition to error messaging pertinent to administrator accounts. We eliminated the customer account error messaging in this scenario.
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