Bug Fixes 🐜

  • When we sent an administrator password reset email and the user failed to click the link it contained within 24 hours, all subsequent password reset email links were nonfunctional. We fixed this issue.
  • We fixed some code on our automatic tax calculation feature that only affected new merchants during a recent span of time. Those who set up a nexus on the welcome wizard dialog box were unable to set a second nexus later. Those who dismissed the wizard were unable to set a nexus at all.
  • On the QuickBooks Web Connector Admin Area page, we cleaned up the warning text for stores with no SSL certificate.
  • On stores with products exceeding $999.99 that used the automatic price update feature, the price displayed incorrectly when a shopper selected an option with a price difference. We fixed this issue.
  • When users attempted to visit the administrator password reset email link using copy and paste, and inadvertently removed one or more characters to produce an invalid URL, a 500 error appeared. We replaced the error with friendly messaging.
  • We failed to enforce administrator password requirements in some reset scenarios, resulting in invalid passwords that appeared to pass validation. We fixed this issue.
  • When users followed the link in a password reset email, establishing a new password didn’t log them into their accounts. We fixed this issue.
  • Shoppers encountered a seemingly unresolvable checkout error in the following scenario:
  1. They weren't logged in to an account.
  2. They were using Firefox.
  3. They used autofill to complete the checkout address fields.
  4. They failed to select a shipping method.
  5. The store had no UPS method enabled.

In this scenario, the order failed to submit due to the absence of a shipping method. When the page reloaded and delivered the expected error message, a shipping method appeared to be selected by default, leaving the shopper with no obvious action to take that would trigger the price recalculation that the page required to proceed with order placement. As a result, the shopper received the error every time they tried to place the order.

We suppressed the autofill function for the Zip / Postal Code field to require each shopper in this scenario to take an action that triggers recalculation. Additionally, Firefox has logged this autofill feature behavior as a bug. We'll continue to monitor the situation and adapt our response to create the best checkout experience we can. For information about how we discovered this bug, see our blog.

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