Bug Fixes 🐜

  • At Marketing > MyRewards, we removed an extraneous View List button.
  • Whenever the one page checkout refreshed, the “Total:” label in the order summary disappeared. We fixed this issue.
  • On table viewer pages, the Disable Edit option for column headings sometimes partially or completely obscured the select-all check box. We re-positioned the option to prevent interference.

  • On the customer edit page at Newsletter Subscriptions & Interests > Edit, a comma character saved in any of the Value fields improperly hid the three-dot actions menu at Customers > Accounts, Customers > Administrators, and Marketing > Newsletters. We fixed this issue.
  • Numerous scenarios resulted in the stock status value for a product failing to update properly or display inaccurately. We fixed this issue.
  • We removed the superfluous Storefront tab from the Admin Area.
  • Bots were visiting /Email_Me_When_Back_In_Stock.asp using various random values for the storefront Email Address field. This created anonymous customer accounts and in-stock requests that couldn’t be completed. We now redirect all invalid submission scenarios and validate the format of email address submissions.
  • We fixed an SQL issue that caused some merchants to experience a blank Settings > Tax page.
  • At Inventory > Import/Export > Standard Export, we changed the loading method for the quantity display next to a table name to prevent extremely large tables from causing the page to time out.
  • At Orders > Abandoned/Live Carts, we removed a superfluous and non-functional Notes column.
  • For IE users at Orders > Process Orders > Quick Search, the asterisk for the Billing Address Data menu was misaligned with the menu, and the menu selections were failing to populate appropriate placeholder text to the Company, Name, and Phone fields. We fixed these issues.
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