In order to run a profitable business, it's important to avoid payment barriers at checkout. Even if you prefer to have your customers pay by credit card, for example, you may need to enable alternate methods for specific cases. 

Let's say you have wholesale buyers, affiliates, or corporate partners who want to use a check or money order for bulk orders, but you don't want your other customers to be use those payment methods at checkout. The restricted payments feature allows you to create a method that's restricted for everyone by default, then choose the customers accounts that should be able to use it.

Enabling Restricted Payments

Before you can restrict and apply individual payment methods, you'll need to enable the restricted payments feature in your store:

Go to Settings > Payment.

Click the three-dot menu icon to expose the Payment Method Settings window.

Under Allow Payment Method Restrictions?, select Yes.

Click Save.

Designating Payment Methods as Restricted

To restrict usage for a specific payment method in your store:

Go to Settings > Payment.

Click View List.

Click on the ID number for the payment method you want to edit.

Select the Restrict Payment Method checkbox at the bottom of the payment method editing page.

Click Save.

Restricting Payment Methods in Bulk

To restrict multiple payment methods at the same time from Settings > Payment > View List:

  1. Click the three-dot menu icon and select Customize Columns

  2. Make sure the Restrict Method checkbox is selected, then click Apply Changes

  3. Hover over the Restrict Method column name and click Edit.

  4. Select the checkbox next to each payment method you want to restrict.

  5. Click Save.

Once you're finished, you can hover over the Restrict Method column name again to disable the edit functionality. Any restricted payment methods will now show a "Y" in the Restrict Method column of the list view:

Active Payment Methods

In order for a Restricted Payment Method to show for a customer, that Method must also be marked with a check in the Payment Method Active field, as shown in the above example. Payment Methods that are not marked as Active will not show at checkout.

Enabling Restricted Methods for Specific Customers

By default, restricted payment methods do not appear on the checkout page. In order to let specific customers see and use a restricted method, you'll need to grant access at the customer account level:

  1. Go to Customers > Accounts.

  2. Click on the ID number for the appropriate customer account.

  3. In the Special Privileges section, click Select Allowed Payment Methods.

  4. Click to expand the Restricted Payment Methods list, then check the box for each restricted payment method you'd like this customer to be able to use.

  5. Click Apply, then Save.

Unrestricted Payment Methods

When selecting specific payment methods for a customer, you'll also see a set of unrestricted payment methods. This list is only for reference: it shows all unrestricted payment methods in your store, including inactive methods. 

If you plan to make one of these methods restricted in the near future, and you want to ensure that the customer account you're editing can use it, you can pre-select the corresponding checkbox for that method. However, the method won't be restricted for other customers until you follow the steps in the previous section of this article.


The restricted payments feature is a convenient tool for limiting how specific customers can pay you. For all the basics on collecting funds, see our main article on Managing Your Payment Settings.

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