Features and Improvements 🌟

  • We’ve added a way to view individual abandoned cart details without relying on use of the Quick Edit feature. Cart IDs are now clickable and go to a cart details page.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • In cases where "Rates Unavailable. We will contact you." should have displayed as a shipping method selection, "Online Delivery / No Shipping" displayed instead. We fixed this issue.
  • We fixed an issue with thumbnail generation when a product had multiple photos of different file types and the display order in the Admin Area changed.
  • When changing the default sizes of the small and tiny versions of images upon upload to a product edit page, additional images didn’t inherit those values (and there was no opportunity to customize them). They now inherit the values of the main image.
  • At Orders > Process Orders > Quick Search, the asterisk for the Billing Address Data menu was misaligned with the menu. We fixed this issue and added placeholder text for the Company, Name, and Phone fields that's customized to the selection in this menu.
  • When creating a custom fields dropdown value, attempting to save without a Custom Fields ID selection resulted in an unfriendly error. We’ve added an asterisk to indicate that the value is required and added friendly error messaging for users who fail to make a selection.
  • For shoppers who placed orders with a gift wrap cost, the wrong page text article was displaying at My Account > Review orders / track packages > View or Change Order in the Order Summary section. We now show the right one.
  • At Design > Site Content > View List, edits to the METATAG Description field were discarded after saving. They now save properly.
  • On stores with reCAPTCHA enabled, the old CAPTCHA article (ID #83) allowed submission of the form without requiring the user to fill out the CAPTCHA field. The page now requires the user to fill out the field correctly before successful submission.
  • We fixed the following issues with our upgraded PayPal Express integration:
  1. We sped up the loading time of the feature.
  2. On stores using delayed capture, the Apply option for the capture function remained available after successful capture and produced an unfriendly error message when clicked. We removed the Apply option after successful capture.
  3. The Refund option remained available after successful credit and produced an unfriendly error message when clicked. We removed the Refund option after successful credit.
  4. After deleting the record of a successful capture or refund and attempting to duplicate the action, an unfriendly error message occurred. Now, a friendly error message now states that the action has already taken place.
  5. We removed unhelpful information from and improved the formatting of PayPal Express payment log responses:



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