Features and Improvements 🌟

  • We’ve turned on non-shippable items for all stores.
  • We added an Alternative Settings link to Express Checkout. It opens a dialog box with special settings:

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Fixed an Internet Exlporer issue in Custom Fields Dropdown Values
  • Downloadable products ordered through the upgraded PayPal Express integration weren’t available in the customer’s account for download. ⬇️ We fixed this issue! 
  • Declined orders on the upgraded PayPal Express integration were showing an incorrect status. The stock of these items now displays properly!
  • Fixed a Meta Tag Description error in parts of Inventory.
  • At Settings > Payment > three-dot actions menu, the tooltip icon on the new Allow Payment Method Restrictions? value was mapped to the wrong tooltip content. It goes to the correct page now! 🗺️
  • Declined transactions through the upgraded PayPal Express integration were failing to send data to the Payment Log. This has been fixed.
  • In some cases, orders from the Amazon integration weren't importing to the Admin Area. We repaired this issue! 🏥
  • Over at Design > Site Content > View List, attempts to hide the Page Name and Spot Key columns produced a 500 error. This has been fixed.
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