This article is intended for standard Volusion merchants. If you're an official partner (reseller, affiliate, or technology partner), an enterprise merchant, or purchaser of a premium theme or custom design package, please consult the appropriate resource:

Sandbox Needs

If you're a standard merchant and would like a sandbox for testing or previewing purposes, place an order from our website and complete these steps during your purchase:

1. Select a plan with a product limit that is equal to or greater than the number of products in your store.

2. In the Domain Name field on the shopping cart page, enter your current domain name with .sandbox at the end.

3. To mirror a live store onto your sandbox, write Please mirror [your store's URL] in the Comments field on the checkout page: 

If you include this comment when placing your order, Volusion will waive the standard mirror fee.

3. Log in with the same customer account you used to purchase your live store. This will auto-fill your billing details on the checkout page and link your sandbox store to your account.

Sandbox Limitations FAQ

Can I turn my sandbox into a live store?

No. Sandbox stores are not tied to live domains and do not have SSL certificates.

Can I mirror changes to my sandbox over to my live store?

If you make changes to your sandbox that you want to mirror to your live store, we offer two services:

Design Migration: we copy your theme (HTML and CSS files), homepage articles, slideshow, and homepage logo

Data Migration: includes Design Migration, plus copying of website navigation menus, categories, and up to 2000 products

If you're interested in either option, reach out to our Studio team at 800-646-3517, option 1, followed by option 3, and then option 2.

Mirrors from a live store to a sandbox do not include the following data:

  • customer payment information or account passwords

  • custom DNS settings

  • existing email accounts or email backups

  • existing FTP accounts

Use the import / export option to export data from the sandbox and then import it to your live store.

Images, HTML files, CSS files, and JavaScript cannot be exported. You can access them through your FTP account and transfer them manually through an FTP client.

How can I cancel my sandbox?

You can cancel your sandbox just like a live hosting plan. For information, write to accountmanagers [at]

Can I change the domain name of my sandbox?

No. Sandbox stores do not have a live domain name that can be changed.

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