If you purchased our Fraud Insights (AKA Fraud Score) service prior to November 2017, you likely used our legacy version of the tool for at least a period of time. If you're interested in retrieving data from that tool, see the instructions below.

Retrieve Your Data

Follow the instructions below to create a saved custom query and then export legacy Fraud Score data:

  1. Go to Inventory > Import/Export in your Admin Area.

  2. Click Saved Exports.

  3. To the right of the Saved Queries drop-down list, click Add New Query.

  4. Complete the required fields on this page as follows:
    QB Customer ID: 0
    QB Table: DB_Export
    QB Title: Fraud Score Old
    QB Query Type: SELECT
    QB Query:
    (f.score * 3) AS 'FraudScore'
    FROM orders AS o
    JOIN fraud AS f ON f.orderid = o.orderid
    WHERE o.orderstatus <> 'Cancelled'
    QB Export File Type: CSV

  5. Click Save.

  6. Return to Inventory > Import / Export > Saved Exports.

  7. From the Saved Queries drop-down list, choose "Fraud Score Old".

  8. Click Export.

Legacy Fraud Score values for each applicable order will appear in the "Score" column of the resulting .CSV file.

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