Features and Improvements 🌟

  • On the shipping method edit page, we increased the character limit of the Label field from 55 to 125.
  • We added a link from the administrator access rules edit page back to the administrator account edit page. 🔗

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Fixed some page text that wasn't displaying in Enable Special Pricing Discounts.
  • Repaired some issues with sessions not clearing properly for .net pages after users logged out of their admin.
  • Fixed a display issue with drop-down menus in the bulk updates dialog box. 🍱
  • On-hold stores with no content in the maintenance_message.htm file displayed a 500 error. They now display a default offline message.
  • Using an ampersand symbol (&) or HTML encoding of ampersand (&) or 2 or more spaces was causing display issues when using dropdown_smartmatch. This has been fixed. 🤖
  • When the Sell on eBay page included listings, navigating to it sometimes produced a 500 error. We fixed this issue.
  • The storefront Email a Friend page didn’t include a canonical link. We fixed this issue.
  • On the storefront product page, the Open Graph URL didn’t match the search engine friendly URL/canonical tag. Also, there was an extra forward slash character in the URL and in the Open Graph image URL. We fixed these issues. 📈
  • When logged-out administrators visited .net pages, they were redirected to the login page and then landed on the dashboard after logging in. Now, after logging in they land on the correct page.
  • We restored editing capabilities on certain columns at Orders > Recurring Billing. ✏️
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