Features and Improvements 🌟

  • Sitemap 🗺️  :
    When the Full Secure Store URL is changed to “https”, all sitemap URLs will do the same!
    - We’ve added two new checkboxes to Marketing > SEO  > Sitemap XML :Include merchant-created articles in sitemap.
    -Include Knowledge Base articles in sitemap.
    -We’ve added a new field to the Search Engine Optimization section of article edit pages: Exclude From Sitemap.
  • Product Imports: During product imports, all invalid rows now generate messaging. 📦
  • Google Custom Labels 🏷️  : The Google Custom Label fields now have SELECT , INSERT and UPDATE commands!
  • Shipping + Billing 🚚  : Added a warning icon to the orders table viewer for when shipping and billing addresses don’t match.
  • Fraud Score 🚨  : We also added a handy Fraud Score column to the orders table viewer!

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Shipping: Fixed a small error with saved addresses! 🚢
  • Bulk Update 💪  : Repaired a 500 error that occurred when users tried to preview updates.
  • Payment Methods 💸  : When users tried to edit the payment method on an order that used a saved credit card, it produced an error. This has been fixed!
  • "Back" Button: When administrators scrolled down on the table viewer, selected a record and clicked “back” on their browser, the browser always returned to the top of the table. The browser now returns to the user’s previous scroll position! 🔙
  • Address Type 🏠  : For customer accounts with a saved business address, the phone order page was showing it as "Residential". This has been repaired!
  • Storefront 🏬I  : On the Storefront section of the free trial, stores with more than three slides didn't always display correctly. However, they do now!
  • HTML: We removed some exposed HTML on the site. 🙊
  • reCAPTCHA 🤖  : Stores using the Invisible reCAPTCHA size setting and an older-generation theme were having some response issues. These errors have been nixed!
  • Fax 📠  : Repaired a small error in the Fax field on the billing address section of the checkout page.
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