Features and Improvements 🌟

  • Site Content Page: At Design > Site Content , we added a Search button to provide easier access to the article content search. We also added an Articles Settings option in the three-dot actions menu that allows each administrator to choose a preferred Site Content display (current default, code view, and list view).
  • Sell on Google 👛  : We added a Marketing > Sell on Google option to the main Admin Area menu. It links to lots of helpful resources about pay-per-click advertising and Google Shopping!
  • Volusion API Integration Help: We added a direct link to the API help page (at Inventory > Import/Export > Volusion API in the Generic section: Volusion API Integration Help ).
  • reCAPTCHA 🤖  : We added reCAPTCHA to the new account registration page on the storefront!

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Order Details: Fixed a small time zone issue.
  • Content Builder 🔨  : The Save button was failing to appear after making image edits using the Content Builder tools. This has been repaired!
  • Google Shopping Feed: Google Shopping Feed identified errors in our scripts for zoom images and mailing list signup. We fixed this issue!
  • Storefront 🏪  : We added a Volusion logo to the Content Builder navigation menu for merchant convenience!
  • PayPal Express: Inserted a missing error message into the order process.
  • Shipping Rates + Amazon Payments: Edited incorrect error messages. ✏️
  • Phone Orders: Fixed a small error with gift certificates!
  • Free Shipping Coupons 🚚  : Repaired a small error on existing orders that used free shipping coupons.
  • Amazon Payments: In some cases, shoppers who used Amazon Pay received an error message requiring payment method selection. We fixed this issue!
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