Features and Improvements 🌟

  • Discounts 🤑  : We added text beside the Display Begin Date and Display End Date fields (on product details pages in the Admin Area) to clarify to merchants when settings would take effect (“begins 12:00:00 AM” and “ends 11:59:59 PM”).

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Recurring Billing: Fixed a small error on the recurring billing page!
  • Google Chrome: Repaired an error with the file editor on Google Chrome.
  • Product Setup ⚙️  : Squashed some bugs with product setup.
  • Product Stock: Fixed a small issue with stock updates!
  • QB Access List: When merchants searched by values in the QB Access List field, an error occurred. We repaired this issue!
  • Product Images 📸  : Repaired an issue with clickable images.
  • Order Finished Page: When shoppers purchased products with no Name value, content was missing from the shopping cart page and the order finished page. This is fixed!
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