This article refers to a legacy version of our Fraud Score service. We permanently retired it on April 16, 2018. If you don't already have Fraud Insights, please see our current article for more information. Merchants who added Fraud Score prior to November 2017 can find the answers to common questions below.

What is Fraud Score?

Fraud Score is an informational tool that helps you gauge risk involved with orders before processing them by identifying traits and historical trends associated with suspicious behavior and fraudulent orders. After analysis, Fraud Score provides numerical risk assessment and identifies areas of concern based on the criteria examined.

How does the system create the score?

As soon as an order is placed, customer information is cross-checked in real time with a large database of thousands of online merchants and more than 100 million transactions. The system also screens more than 15 fields, including: proxy detection and risk assessment, IP address analysis, bank identification, and address verification. After these criteria are checked, an overall risk score is generated to help gauge the legitimacy of the transaction.

Note that Fraud Score is not assessed for Phone Orders and Point of Sale orders.

Where do I see the score?

The score displays next to the order total, on the order details page in your store’s Admin Area. If you don't have Fraud Score, you'll see an "N/A" status in that section.

If you want to view fraud scores for all recent orders, you can enable the Fraud Score column within the Orders table view:

From the Orders > Process Orders page, click the three-dot actions menu icon and select Customize Columns. Under the Display These Columns heading, make sure Fraud Score is selected, then click Apply Changes.

What do the different levels of risk mean?

There are three levels of risk: Minimal, Moderate and High. Minimal risk indicates that the system analysis identified few factors indicating illegitimate card use. The Moderate level indicates that some data points are potentially fraudulent. High risk means several criteria have been identified as fraudulent or suspicious.

High Risk: Less than a 121 score

Moderate Risk: Less than a 196 score

Minimal Risk: Greater than or equal to a 196 score

Does Fraud Score also work with PayPal?

Yes – this service integrates with PayPal.

Do I need to contact my gateway before signing up for Fraud Score?

Yes. We recommend contacting your gateway to ensure that all settings are configured correctly. Different gateways have different methods of screening transactions, so it’s a good idea to check before getting started.

I live outside the United States. Can I sign up?

You bet. Fraud Score works for any Volusion merchant, regardless of location.

Does Fraud Score guarantee against fraudulent transactions?

Unfortunately, no particular technology can make this guarantee. Although Fraud Score is a powerful informational tool that can help you gauge order risk, we can't guarantee the validity of this score. In other words, the decision to process the order is ultimately yours. To help frame your decision, Fraud Score provides a detailed explanation of each risk category with every score in the "Details" screen.

How do I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel Fraud Score?

You can easily upgrade, downgrade, or cancel Fraud Score at any time:

  1. Log in to your MyVolusion account and select Plans / Orders under the my Account section on the left side of the page.
  2. Select the hosting plan associated with the store you want to add Fraud Score to in the Choose Order menu.
  3. Click the Add button next to Fraud Score.
  4. Now select the level of service that suits your needs and click Upgrade.

What happens if I exceed the number of transactions included in my plan?

The service will simply stop assigning scores to these extra orders – you won't be charged extra. As soon as your reach the maximum number of transactions, the system will notify you to upgrade. If you need to upgrade your Fraud Score plan at any time, just follow the instructions above.

I average more than 5,000 orders per month. Is there a plan available for this?

If your needs reach beyond 5,000 transactions a month, contact us to receive a quote from our Billing team.

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