Sometimes, it’s nice to have things done for you. Other times, it’s empowering to take control and do it your way. While Volusion automatically generates a child product code extension for your products, you may want to create a system that makes sense for you. And with Volusion, you can! 🙌🏽

Assigning Your Own Child Product Codes

If you don’t want to use the automatically generated child product code extensions (-0001, -0002, etc.), you can assign your own like so:

  1. If you’ve already created child products in the Inventory Control Grid that are using the product code extensions -0001, -0002, etc., go to your main Products table and delete those child products, leaving only the parent product
  2. Follow this path: Inventory > Products > Settings > All Products Settings
  3. If you’re using the Smart Match feature, deselect Enable Smart Match and click Save
  4. Return to the parent product page where the options are already applied. Add a space to the product description and delete it (to prompt the Save button to appear) and click Save. Make sure that Enable Options Inventory Control is still checked.
  5.  Scroll to Inventory Control Grid for “ProductCode" and expand it if necessary. You’ill see the grid that was created using your options, but all of the Inventory Grid ProductCodes will have the same product code as the main parent product.
  6. Add on your own unique extensions to the product codes (ex.: -S, -M and -L for Small, Medium and Large options)
  7. Click Save Changes
  8.  A message will appear at the top of the grid window stating, “The Following Products Did Not Exist, And Therefore Were Automatically Created For You.” Below the message, will be a list of the new child products — with your custom product codes — that will be in the grid.
  9. If you were using our Smart Match feature to hide products from customers when they are out of stock, be sure to select Enable Smart Match once again


At Volusion, we know no two stores or store owners are alike. 👨‍🌾 👩‍🎨 👨‍🍳 If one way works for one, there may be a better way for another. That’s why you have the flexibility to set up your store — and your child product codes — to work best for you!

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