Our Smart Match feature gives you control over what you have in stock and what is displayed on your storefront. To use it, your inventory must first be set up in the parent/child format.

To do so:

  • Go to Inventory > Products and select the product to which you want to add options

  • Under Basic Info, click Select Options

  • Select the options you want to add and click Save

  • Ensure the box for Enable Options Inventory Control is checked, and click Save

Now, when you scroll down the product page to the Inventory Control Grid for "ProductCode" section and expand it, you will see the new child products created by these options. The number of child products will depend on the number of option categories used and options applied.

For example, let's say you create a T-shirt product with two option categories: size and color. In the size option category, you create options of small, medium and large. In the color option category, you create options of green, blue and red. Turning on the Inventory Control Grid will create following child products from your parent T-shirt product:

  • Small green T-shirt

  • Small blue T-shirt

  • Small red T-shirt

  • Medium green T-shirt

  • Medium blue T-shirt

  • Medium red T-shirt

  • Large green T-shirt

  • Large blue T-shirt

  • Large red T-shirt

Now that you are set up with your parent and child products, you are ready to create your Inventory Control Grid to help manage and control your inventory right from your product edit pages.

The Smart Match system will hide child products when they are out of stock if the parent product has Do Not Allow Backorders selected in Advanced Settings > Stock, and Hide When Out Of Stock deselected in Advanced > Product Display.

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