If You Are the New Store Owner...

Go to the Volusion pricing page and place a new store order. The hosting plan you select must be able to accommodate the current store's product count. In the Order Comments field on the checkout page, write: "Transfer of ownership, please mirror [INSERT DOMAIN NAME]."

If You Are the Current Store Owner...

Contact Voluson via the Intercom chat link in the bottom right hand corner of your store's dashboard, or email billing@volusion.com with the following message:

"I, [owner's name], would like to transfer ownership of [store domain name] to [new owner's name]."

We’ll reply back with further instructions and details. After the transfer is complete, it can take up to 24 hours for the system to update. During that time period, your new store may only be accessible on its temporary URL ("servertrust" address). Once the system finishes propagating any changes, the new owner can go live on the domain name.

⚠️  Good to Know: The current owner will be responsible for any monthly hosting plan fees up until the transfer is complete.

Transfer Of Store Ownership FAQs

What happens to the store's email accounts?

All email accounts and aliases hosted with Volusion for the current store will be deleted in the transfer process. The original owner must backup their email before the transfer is complete. The new owner can set up new email accounts after the transfer has been completed.

Can I keep the store's current Volusion SSL certificate?

Volusion SSLs are standard with all Volusion stores on unlimited plans. SSL certificates purchased through a third-party are not transferable, however.

What happens to stored credit card data and unprocessed orders?

Due to PCI DSS guidelines put in place to help protect customer data, saved credit card info on customer accounts cannot be transferred from one store to another. Unprocessed orders from the original store cannot be processed on the new store.

For this reason, we recommend placing the current store in maintenance mode prior to the transfer procedure so that new orders don’t come in that can’t be fully processed.

Can I take ownership of a pre-existing merchant account (Volusion Payments)?

No, merchant accounts cannot be transferred. The original owner must cancel their Volusion Payments Account by emailing vmc@volusion.com. The new owner can then apply for a new account.

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