When customers feel the urge to splurge, they can enjoy the convenience of browsing the seemingly endless array of product options available to them in your Volusion store. The more options you offer your customers, the more likely they are to find something — or many things — they want to buy!

To set up your store to present these options to your customers:

  1. Go to Inventory > Options in your Admin Area.
  2.  In the Filter menu at the top of your Options table, select Option Categories.
  3.  Click Add.
  4. Fill out the required information based on the option category you’re adding (for example, "Color" or "Size").
  5. Enter a numerical value in the Display Order field to order your option categories. Option Categories that have a numerical value in this field are displayed on the appropriate product detail pages in order (i.e. 1 at the top, 9999 at the bottom).
  6. From the Display Type menu, select Dropdown Smartmatch.
  7. Click Save.

If you ever need to disable the "First Select" and "Then Select" functionality, you can return to the option category and change the Display Type to Dropdown.

After you’ve created Option Categories, you need to create the Options. To add a new option, go back to Inventory > Options and click Add

Check out our detailed instructions and tips on customizing your product options, as well as our article on the Smart Match feature.

Importing Options to Product Database

⚠️  Be aware that you can import the OptionIDs field to the Products table, but you cannot import the Apply to Product Codes field on the Options table. This means you must update the Products table to import any mass of options and use the Create All Inventory Control Grids maintenance function.

When importing the OptionIDs field in a CSV file, be careful that Excel (or any other CSV editing program) does not format your list of Option ID numbers as a very large number (larger than 3 digits). If this happens, you should change the data type for the column in Excel to Text. That way, Excel will not attempt to change the formatting of your listed option ID numbers, and you can avoid error messages when you try to import the file into your Volusion products database.

Update Price Button

The Update Price button will appear on the storefront product page when a PriceDiff is configured for an option that is applied to the product. Once a customer selects one or more options with a PriceDiff configured, manually clicking the Update Price button will reveal the new price of the product.

Alternatively, you can have the product price update automatically when a customer selects an applied option with a PriceDiff. For more information, see our article on price display for product options.

Brush Up on Your Inventory Controls

Before you create an Inventory Control Grid, you should have a strong understanding of product option categories and options. Read more about these in our Knowledge Base!


As your inventory grows, your Volusion store grows right along with you! Showcasing all of the product options that you offer will help create an exciting shopping experience for your customers.

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