With Volusion, you can evolve your store and its systems as you grow. Want to change product codes for child products that already exist? We will show you how to accomplish that. 

⚠️  Before you get started, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the parent product page is only open in one browser tab

  • Only navigate back to the parent product page and the Inventory Control Grid after you’re finished changing the codes for each child product

  • Be sure to click into the parent product from the products table

  • Keeping the parent product tab open and reloading it after you change child product codes will cause your child products to be duplicated

  • If you make changes to all of the child product codes at the same time in the Inventory Control Grid of the parent product, the system will duplicate all of the child products in your product database and you will have to go to Inventory > Products and delete all of the old child products with the -0001, -0002, etc. product code extensions

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s how to make product code changes to child products that already exist:

1.  Go to Inventory > Products and click Search

2. In the Code field, type the parent product code and click Search. The results should list the parent product and all of the child products that were created when you saved your options with Enable Options Inventory Control enabled

3. Click into the first child product with the -0001 extension

4. Make your desired changes to the Code field and click Save

5. Repeat this process for each child product individually

You can also click the Edit (✏️ icon) next to each child product in the Inventory Control Grid and edit the Code as you would above.

If you see a bold red message in the Inventory Control Grid area stating, “The Following Products Did Not Exist, And Therefore Were Automatically Created For You,” then you’ve created duplicate child products. In this case, go to your Products table, find the duplicate child products and delete them. Easy fix.

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