Automation 🤖  can do a lot to help us accomplish tasks faster. But when it comes to customizing your store, nothing beats real, human interaction. 

When you load products into your inventory and create an Inventory Control Grid, by default, options will appear in alphabetical order in the drop-down on the product detail page. This works well for options like color, but for size options, you probably don't want small to appear after medium.

We’ll show you how to make a few individual adjustments to your Inventory Control Grid so that it works best for you.

Using Arrange Options By

You can create individual options and set an order by filling in the Arrange Options By field for each option. When you enter a numerical value into the Arrange Options By field, the product options will be displayed in the option category drop-down on the product detail page in ascending order, based on the value entered.

Don’t sweat it if you didn’t configure the Arrange Options By for each option before applying the options to products and creating your Inventory Control Grids. You can easily update this field and alter the display of your storefront product details page like so:

   1.    Go to Inventory > Options

2.    Click the first option for which you want to change the order

3.    Under Advanced Info, fill in the order number in the Display Order field and click Save

4.    Repeat these steps for each option until you have specified the full sequential order for the options

Using the Options Table View

If you don’t see the Arrange Options By column, you can make these changes from the Options table view instead. Here’s how:

  1. From the Options table view, use the Customize button to open the pop-up
  2. Select the Arrange Options By checkbox
  3. Click Apply Changes
  4. Click the Edit icon at the top of the Arrange Options By column
  5. Enter the order numbers from the table view
  6. Click Save

After you've made the changes, go to Settings > Maintenance and click Reassign Inventory Control Grid. Select Re-Assign Orderby For All Inventory Control Grids box and click Perform Maintenance Now. This will reassign the order for all products with Arrange Options By updates. 

You can also use this tool to update the order of option categories on a product detail page (for products with more than one option category.)

To update the order of the Inventory Control Grid for a single product, go to the product's Inventory Control Grid section of the product page and click Save Changes.


We love a good time saver! But when doing bulk uploads of new products, you’ll want to make sure the display order makes sense to your customers. If not, you have the flexibility to change it!

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