Just like with Hansel and Gretel in the classic fairytale, breadcrumbs leave a trail to trace your path. Except in the computer world, this series of links help you find your way around a website, not through the woods. 🍞 

You can click on any link within the breadcrumb trail to return to that page. And — good news — you don’t have to worry about them being eaten by birds. 🐦 

On your storefront, the breadcrumbs appear horizontally below the header area on product and category pages. Typically, they look like this:

You are here: Home > Apparel > Menswear > Shirts

If you prefer it, you can hide the breadcrumbs trail on your product pages, but not on category pages. To deactivate the breadcrumbs on your product pages:

  1. Log in to your Admin Area and go to Inventory > Products
  2. Click the three-dot actions menu icon and select All Products Settings
  3. Locate and clear the Show Category Breadcrumb Trail check box
  4. Click Save

You can edit the You are here text by hovering over the text while logged in as administrator and clicking Edit, or you can:

  1. Go to Design > Site Content
  2. Select PageText from the Article Group menu
  3. Select EmailBackInStock from the Category menu (it is article ID # 157)


Breadcrumbs help your customers navigate your store. They also orient them so they know where the products are that have viewed, and how to easily access bigger categories of that product. Keep breadcrumbs enabled on your store, and you won't miss an opportunity to help them find what they're looking for — and more! 🛍️

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