Configuring the meta tag title settings within your Volusion store is one step in the process of optimizing your store for online search engines (SEO). For those new to the concept, meta tags are essentially HTML tags that provide information on the information contained within web pages. These tags are referenced by search engines when indexing web pages.

Instead of requiring you to edit your store's HTML, Volusion allows you to quickly edit your storefront's meta tags within your Admin Area.

Configuring Storefront Meta Tags

  1. Log in to your Admin Area and go to Marketing > SEO.
  2. Select Enable Search Engine Friendly URLs under the Search Engine Friendly URLs heading.
  3. Enter values in to the Meta Tag Title, Meta Tag Descriptions, and Meta Tag Keywords fields for the default values and any pages you want to assign specific tags to and click Save.
  4. Advanced users can enter their own custom meta tags by selecting Meta Tags Override and entering custom meta information into the Meta Tags Override fields for each page.

Warning: using this field is recommended for use only if you have a thorough knowledge of search engine optimization.


For additional search engine optimization, specifically for assigning tags to products, categories, and articles in addition to the pages described here, be sure to configure meta tags for your products and categories as outlined in our SEO Features article.

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