If you've set up live rate integration with UPS, FedEx, USPS, and/or Canada Post, your store will automatically return live rates.

If you want to receive negotiated shipping rates through UPS, there is an additional step required to complete integration.

After registering with UPS for negotiated shipping rates, you'll receive a Shipper Number from UPS that must be entered into your store, as follows:

  1. In your Admin Area, go to Settings > Config Variables > Search.
  2. Type "Shipping UPS" in the Name field.
  3. Click the blue Search button.
  4. In the Shipping UPS Shipper Number field, enter the shipper number provided by UPS.
  5. In the Shipping UPS Username field, enter the username you use to log in at ups.com.
  6. In the Shipping UPS Password field, enter the password you use to log in at ups.com.
  7. Save.

You should now be able to receive negotiated rates via UPS.

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