If customers who browse your site from a mobile device click the homepage link and are redirected to your desktop storefront instead of your mobile-optimized storefront, you can modify a couple lines of HTML code to correct this issue.

Please be aware that our recommended mobile solution is to install a responsive theme, which renders the Mobile Commerce feature obsolete. If you decide to continue using the feature with a legacy non-responsive theme, however, you can address this particular issue by taking the following steps:

1. Go to Design > File Editor and click template_xx.html (where "xx" is your theme ID or name).

2. In the HTML code, find the following line of code:

<h1 id="display_homepage_title" class="colors_homepage_title"></h1>

3. Replace the above code with below code:

<h1 id="display_homepage_title1" class="colors_homepage_title">
 <a id="homepage_title" class="colors_homepage_title"

Now, your storefront will detect the type of device your customer uses and will serve up the desktop or mobile version of your storefront.


The <h1 id="display_homepage_title"> line of code automatically generates the below storefront code, which overrides the auto-detect feature of your storefront:

<h1 id="display_homepage_title" class="colors_homepage_title">
 <a id="homepage_title" class="colors_homepage_title"

You can change the <h1 id> code to anything except "display_homepage_title" to prevent the auto-generated code from rendering.

Possible SEO Impact

After this change, the Home link at the top left of the page will now link to "www.myvolusionstore.com/" rather than "www.myvolusionstore.com/default.asp". If you have "www.myvolusionstore.com/default.asp" set as your "canonical" URL, there may be small SEO impact on your site as a result of this change.


If you use your store's default.htm (Splash) page, then the Home link at the top left of your storefront will now link to "www.myvolusionstore.com/default.htm".

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