To take full advantage of all the resources available to you as a Volusion store owner, you need to understand the controls, flags, settings, and switches in the Config Variables section of your Admin Area.

To access the Config Variables:

  1. Go to Settings > Config Variables in your Admin Area.
  2. From the Filter menu, select General Variables, Checkout Variables, or Email Variables.
  3. Edit the field in the Value column as appropriate.
  4. Click Save when you’re finished.

If you have problems finding the required variable:

  1. From any Update Configuration page, click the Search button.
  2. Enter part of the variable name in the Name field.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Choose a variable from the list.

General Variables

Redirect to SEO Friendly URLs
If SEO Friendly URIs have been enabled, this feature will redirect all attempts to access the non-SEO friendly version of a page to the SEO friendly version.

Config Include URL
This field requires a full, valid URL to be entered. This option will cause the contents of the URL to be automatically populated within any CRM ticket that is viewed within your Admin Area.

Store Date Format
Defines how dates will be displayed within your store.

Enable "Did You Mean?" Suggestions
 Enable this search feature to include a "Did You Mean?" search. If your customer misspells a word when searching, the system will automatically suggest alternatives. 

Donations Suggested Amounts
Text to be displayed on your donations/asp page to suggest donation amounts (provided your store is actively soliciting donations). This field requires text to be entered in a specific format:


For example:

50.00:Bronze Donor|100.00:Silver Donor|250.00:Gold Donor|1000.00:Platinum Donor

Enable Facebook Like Button
The Facebook Like button will be displayed beneath product images.

Enable Facebook Send Button
The Facebook Send button will be displayed beneath product images. The Enable Facebook Like button must also be enabled for this to work.

Enable Free Shipping Qualify Message
Will display a message beneath the shipping selection in the shopping cart that informs customers how much more they have to spend to get free shipping. For example:

You are $9.01 away from qualifying for free shipping. Look for the Free Shipping Icon on qualifying products.

Note that Display Estimated Shipping on the Shopping Cart must also be enabled for the message to be displayed.

Enable Password Autocomplete
Allows browsers to remember passwords on login pages.

Enable Immediate Publish
Prompts any design changes to your store to go live immediately after changes are saved in the Admin Area. Disabling this option will require you to manually publish changes before they can take effect. 

Enable Search Refinement
Enables you to host filter categories within your store. Filter categories allow customers to sort products being displayed within a category or search page by price, manufacturer, etc. Filter categories can be designated by creating a category with the Category Visible option set to "By Price," "By Manufacturer," or by a custom filter.

Enable 24 Hour Clock
Time will be displayed within your store in 24-hour military time (e.g. 1:00 PM will be represented as 13:00). With this option disabled, times will be displayed in standard 12-hour time format.

Enable Accessories
The bottom of the shopping cart page will display any configured accessories for products customers have in their shopping carts.

Enable Anonymous Reviews
Customers can submit product reviews without logging in to a customer account.

Enable Special Pricing Discounts
Selecting this check box allows all customers to receive quantity discounts, even if they have been assigned to special pricing levels. If you clear this check box, customer accounts assigned to a pricing discount level or store-wide percentage discount will not be able to receive quantity discounts or use quantity discount coupons. 

Enable Estimated Shipping Costs
Automatic shipping rate calculations will be displayed for customers within the shopping cart page. Customers will have to either be logged in to their store account or provide a valid shipping address for this feature to work.

Display Product Options Using IsProduct Code As Products
Product options will be displayed line-by-line, grouped under each product they apply to within the shopping cart page. This option has no effect on invoices or receipts.

Enable Fax Number
Activates an extra text field within the billing and shipping address forms for customers to provide a fax number. This field, when enabled, is not required but optional for customers to fill out. 

Enable Gift Certificates
Activating this variable enables you to sell gift certificates.

Enable Maximum Order Quantity For Product Pages
Allows you to restrict the maximum quantity of a product that customers can purchase per order. The Enable Minimum Order Quantity For Product Pages option must also be active for this option to work.

Enable Members Only Browsing
Requires visitors to sign up for a customer account before they can browse the store or purchase products.

Enable Members Only Prices and Purchases
Require customers to register with your store before they can view pricing information or place orders. Non-registered customers can browse the store contents, but can’t make a purchase.

Members Tax ID Required At Registration
Reveals a Tax ID field within the customer registration page for all visitors signing up for a customer account. This field is required for registration and is typically used for stores selling products to wholesalers.

Enable Minimum Order Quantity For Product Pages
Allows you to require customers to purchase a minimum quantity of a product when ordering that product. The Enable Maximum Order Quantity For Product Pages option must also be active for this option to work.

Display Options As Popups At Checkout
Activating this option will enable chosen product options within the checkout page to be displayed within a pop-up window when clicked on. This option is only recommended for merchants with products having large numbers of options.

Enable Smartmatch Inventory Control
This variable enables the inventory control grid options in each product.

Enable Order Editing
Allows registered customers to log in to their store accounts and edit their order information (products ordered, quantity, shipping address, billing address) until that order is locked. Note that orders will automatically be locked if your store's credit card authorization / collection mode is set to either Authorize at Sale, Capture at Shipping or Authorize and Capture at Sale. Orders are also automatically locked if paid for via PayPal, or if you lock the order manually. 

Enable Price Edit
With this feature active, you can configure a product to allow customers to edit the price of the product. This is useful if you solicit donations through your store.

Protect Product Images
Disables the ability for visitors to right-click on image within your store, thus protecting it from being downloaded by a visitor. An "image protected" message will be displayed instead of the typical right-click menu options for any images within the storefront.

Enable Recent History Images
When enabled, My Recent History lets customers see images and links to the last four products viewed. When disabled, My Recent History displays as a list of recently viewed products. In either case, you need to select Display Product History in Inventory > Products > Settings.

Enable Membership Pending Status
Enabling this option in conjunction with Members Only Browsing will require all newly registered customers to have their customer accounts approved by you before they have access to the store. Newly registered customer will receive a message stating they must wait for approval from the merchant before they are officially a member. You can grant access to pending customers in the Customers settings page. 

Enable Register Pending Status Email Notifications
Enable this variable if you want a confirmation email to be sent to you (the merchant) after a customer registers on your store, informing you that you have a pending membership at Customers > Accounts. The Enable Members Only Browsing and Enable Membership Pending Status variables must also be enabled. There is currently no editable template for you to modify. Additionally, this will only work if the customer registers from the register.asp page. It will not send an email if the customer goes to login.asp, then selects Register.

Send Shipping Confirmation
This option enables automatically sending the "Your Order Has Shipped" email confirmation to all customers once their orders are marked with Shipped status.

Enable Shopping Cart To Product Page Links
Enables the product name for each product in a shopping cart to link back to that product's details page.

Enable HTML Syntax Color Highlighting
This option enables all test fields within Volusion to highlight all web-based code such as HTML, JavaScript, SQL, or CSS elements.

Enable Product Warehousing Option
Enables warehouse options for each product. This is necessary if you use a third-party order fulfillment center or ship from a centralized warehouse.

Hide Gift Certificate Expiry Date
Hides the gift certificate expiration date on the gift certificate itself.

Activate Featured Products on Home Page
This variable enables the Featured Products section of your storefront. This will display in the lower, central quadrant of the homepage.

Activate New Products on Home Page
This variable enables the New Products section of your storefront. This will display in the upper right quadrant of the homepage.

Activate Super Deals on Home Page
This variable enables the Super Deals product section of your storefront. This will display in the upper right of the homepage.

Activate Top Sellers on Home Page
This variable enables the Top Sellers products section of your storefront. This will display in the upper right quadrant of the homepage.

Activate Text Logo
This option will automatically display an auto-formatted string of text in the top header portion of the store as a text-based title. This title is derived from the Website Title field within Company portion of the Admin Area. This text will link back to your storefront home page. 

Activate Registered Customer Welcome Text
This option will cause a line of text to appear at the top of your storefront homepage that reads, "Welcome [Customer Name]. If you are not [Customer Name], click here", where [Customer Name] is replaced with the name of the customer currently logged in. The link will direct visitors to the store login page. In order for this function to display, at least one of the following sections must be enabled on the homepage: New Products, Super Deals, or Top Sellers.

Home Page Force Featured Products Image
When enabled, the Featured Products image is displayed on the homepage regardless of whether the New Products, Super Deal, and Top Sellers sections are enabled. This box should only be unchecked if you created a workaround to deal with the previous behavior of the page (for example, you added the Featured Products image to the bottom of Article 2) and forcing the image to be displayed will cause it to appear twice.

Images Directory
This field provides Volusion the directory path where the store can find all graphical elements it needs to display for the site design (buttons, spacer images, backgrounds, etc.) and is automatically updated by the system whenever you make changes to your site's theme.

Enable mCommerce
If enabled, this feature provides a mobile-optimized storefront for customers viewing your store on an iPhone or similar device. Enable Members Only Browsing and Enable Members Only Prices and Purchases must be disabled for Mobile Commerce to work correctly.

Mark as New Product Period
If you’ve configured newly entered products to display the New! image tag, this option will allow you to set how many days the New! tag will display for before it is automatically removed from a product.

Order Detail Default Notes Tab
This drop-down menu lets you select the default tab for notes on the Order Overview page. Select Public for Order Notes, Private for Private Notes, or Customer for Gift Notes.

Generate POS Receipt
When this option is active, a printable receipt will automatically be generated when an order is placed in the Point Of Sale system.

My Reward Redemption Wait Period
When the MyRewards program is enabled, this variable assigns the number of days your customers must wait before they can redeem points.

My Reward Points Earned Per Currency Unit
This indicates how many points a customer will earn for each currency unit they spend.

My Rewards Expiry Days
If you want points to have an expiration date, enter the number of days that the rewards are redeemable.

My Rewards Minimum Points To Redeem
The minimum number of points a customer must have in order to redeem. If you don’t want there to be a minimum, enter "0".

Enable My Rewards
With this variable you can choose to disable the MyRewards Program or set it to one of two setup options: Points for Cash or Points for Product.

My Reward Points Redeemed Per Currency Unit
For the Points for Cash system, enter a value here to tell the system how many points it takes to amount to one redemption dollar.

Enable Search Refinement On Category Pages
By default the search refinement is only active on searches. Enabling this feature will activate the search refinement on all category pages as well. Note that you cannot assign this feature to specific category pages – it can either be enabled for all pages or none.

Enable Search Refinement Result Count on Category Pages
Activates the number of results on all category pages. By default, the number of results is only shown on search results pages.

Hide "By Manufacturer" Filter in Search Refinement
This variable is only available if search refinement is enabled. It lets you hide the By Manufacturer menu and use only the By Price menu, or you can turn both off and use a custom menu.

Hide "By Price" Filter in Search Refinement
This variable is only available if search refinement is turned on. It lets you hide the By Price menu and use only the By Manufacturer menu, or you can turn both off and use a custom menu.

Show Search Refinement As Dropdowns
Displays search refinement options in drop-down menu format rather than links.

Manually Code Search Refinement in Theme
Hides the built-in Search Refinement on your search results and category pages so you can manually code the search functions in the theme file.

Enable Partial Word Search
Enables partial word matches for Name and Code in search results. Within the Volusion software, a partial word is one that appears within other words.For example, with Partial Word Search enabled, a search for "min" would return products containing the words "miniskirt," "peppermint," and "roaming." If Partial Word Search is inactive, the same search would only return "miniskirt." As with all search-related configuration variables, you will need to go to Settings > Maintenance and click Rebuild Search Index after activating or deactivating this variable. 

Enable Searches in Description Field
Searches will include the Product Description field in addition to Product Codes and Product Names.

Link To All Pages of Search Results
Enabling this variable displays your additional pages as links to each available page rather than displaying only one link to the Next page or Previous page.

Require Click on Alt Image For Display
Enable this feature to require customers to click (rather than hover) on the alternate image thumbnails to change the main photo displayed on the product page.

Full Secure Store URL
This is used as the secure URL for all pages of the store that are secure, including the Admin Area, the One Page Checkout, the Shopping Cart, and the Login page.

Checkout Variables

Always Display Different Shipping And Billing Fields
Prompts both Billing and Shipping address forms to display on the checkout page. With this setting inactive, the page will display the form to enter billing information but will assume shipping and billing addresses to be the same unless specified by the customer using a drop-down menu option to enter a specific shipping address.

Continue Shopping Page
This field is a legacy setting available from Volusion V4. It is currently non-functional and should be ignored.

Credit Card Issue Date Notes
This text box activates the portion of the checkout page next to the area customers would enter an issue date for credit cards. You can amend or modify this as you see fit. This field will not display unless the Require Credit Card Issue Date variable is also made active.

Credit Card Issue Number Notes
This field can be used to display text next to the Issue Number field presented to customers while entering credit card information during the checkout process. Note that the variable Require Credit Card Issue Number must be active in order for text entered into this field to be displayed.

Require Credit Card Issue Date
Activates the Credit Card Issue Date field within the shopping cart as well as any configured Issue Date Note. Issue dates and issue numbers may be required depending on your credit gateway. Contact your gateway provider to verify if you need to enable this option.

Require Credit Card Issue Number
Activates the Credit Card Issue Number field within the shopping cart as well as any configured Issue Date Note. Issue dates and issue numbers may be required depending on your credit gateway. Contact your gateway provider to verify if you need to enable this option.

Enable Electronic Checking Account Type
Enabling this option activates the Account Type menu on the checkout page. The Account Type field allows customers to specify Checking or Savings account types when making payment via electronic check.

Enable Electronic Checking Account Number
Activates the Check Number field on the checkout page so customers can enter their 4-digit check number when making payment via electronic check.

Require CVV2 Security Number
Makes the CVV2 field a required field for customers when placing orders by credit card.

Validate Shipping Address
Shipping addresses entered will be verified as real addresses before an order can be completed. This validation is through UPS and requires you to register for UPS integration with Volusion. However, you are not required to ship with UPS for this option to work. Please be aware that it only works for US addresses and does not perform validation until the shopper clicks Place Order.

Enable Back Orders
Enabling this option allows products to be ordered even when the product stock status is less than "1." Product purchased will be listed as Back Ordered within the order details.

All Checkouts Anonymous
Prevents creation of a store account, even when placing an order. This option overrides the Allow Anonymous Checkout variable.

Allow Anonymous Checkouts
When enabled, this variable gives customers the option to log in, register for an account, or place an order without creating an account or logging in.

Enable Coupon Codes
Activates the Coupons portion of the Volusion system.

Allow Different Shipping and Billing Addresses
When active, this variable allows customers to specify a shipping address different from their billing address.

Display Sales Tax in Cart
When active, this variable will cause sales tax figures to be displayed within the shopping cart checkout page.

Enable Gift Wrap Option
When enabled, you can sell gift wrap options with your products. The option to sell gift wrap must be enabled per product.

Enable Customer Comments in Orders
Activating this variable allows customers to enter notes into their order. You’ll be able to view these notes within the order details page.

Maximum Number of Addresses in Billing and Shipping Dropdowns
Enables you to specify the maximum number of addresses that can be displayed in the Shipping and Billing menus on the checkout page.

Maximum Order Cost
Enter a numeric value to limit the order total that can be placed. Customers exceeding this value will not be able to place their order and will receive a message notifying them to place an order no greater than the amount specified. 

Minimum Order Cost
Enter a numeric value to place a minimum order requirement. Customers not meeting the required minimum will not be able to place their order and will receive a message notifying them to place an order of at least the amount specified.

Payment Gateway Currency Code
This field controls what currency code is used to send credit card information to your gateway. This is the standard three-letter all-caps code used to officially signify a region's currency, such as GBP, EUR, JPY and USD.

Email Variables

Email Address Affiliate Notification
Enter the email address notifications should be sent to when a new customer registers to become an affiliate with your store. This field must contain a valid email address.

Email Address Billing
Enter the email address that declined recurring billing notifications will be sent from – for example, if a recurring billing event is declined for a customer. This field must contain a valid email address. Purchase orders that are sent to vendors will also be sent from this address.

Email Address From
Enter the email address that will appear in the From field on all automatic, outgoing correspondence from your store to customers. This must be a valid email address. 

Email Address Order Notification 1
Enter the email address notifications should be sent to when a new order is placed in your store. This field must contain a valid email address.

Email Address Order Notification 2
Enter an additional email address notifications should be sent to when a new order is placed. This field must contain a valid email address.

These fields are non-editable and contain the unique VSMTP security key for your store. These will be required if using Volusion's VSMTP class. They can be used by web developers to create custom ASP scripts that can send email using your Volusion store's built-in SMTP functions.


There are many settings provided in each of the 3 sections of the Volusion Config Variables page. The majority of these settings apply globally to your store. You’ll want to refer to these settings in your Admin Area frequently when initially setting up your store.

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