In addition to connecting your store to an integrated shipping carrier for live rates, Volusion offers many shipping options that allow you to further customize your shipping settings.

Some of the shipping options, like tiered shipping, are used instead of live rates. Others, like Free Shipping, can be used along with live rates to create incentives for your customers or run promotional deals.

Fixed Shipping

Fixed Shipping can be used to give each product an exact shipping cost. By adding a fixed shipping cost to a product, you add a fixed amount to the total shipping cost every time that product is added to a cart.

This means that adding two fixed shipping products to the cart will add the fixed shipping amount twice. For this reason, Volusion recommends that you only use fixed shipping for very large, delicate, or oddly shaped products, as those products will often need to be shipped individually.

See Fixed Rate Shipping for more information.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping is a versatile feature that can be used to offer promotional free shipping on specific products, or for orders over a certain total. In addition to limiting your store's free shipping offer to certain products or order totals, you can limit free shipping to certain countries and states.

For example, you can offer free shipping for $50+ orders in the United States, and free shipping for $100+ orders for other countries.

For more information, please see the Free Shipping section of our main Shipping article.

Tiered Shipping

Tiered Shipping can be used to set up multiple shipping rates for your store based on order weight or cost without connecting with a live rate production server. If you prefer not to register with a shipping carrier or if you change carriers often, Tiered Shipping may be a good solution for you.

For example, if you want 0-3 lbs. to be a $5.00 flat rate, 3-6 lbs. to be a $10.00 flat rate, and 6.1+ lbs. to be $15.00 flat rate for shipping, you can set up these shipping "tiers" easily.

To learn more about Tiered Flat Rates, see Flat Rate Shipping.

In-Store Pickup

In-store pickup can be activated as a shipping choice if you would like to offer customers the ability to pick up their orders at your physical storefront. You are also able to limit this shipping method to only customers in your company's state or a neighboring state.

See our main Shipping article for more information.

Negotiated Live Rates

Negotiated live rates are for merchants who have made arrangements with their chosen live rate shipping carrier. You will need to contact your preferred shipping carrier to set up negotiated rates for your shipper account. Once the negotiated rates are configured with your shipping carrier account, Volusion will pull the rates to offer to your customers.

Learn more about negotiated shipping rates.

Advanced Shipping Settings

Advanced Shipping Settings allow you to set an additional weight or cost to all orders, select to insure your packages, choose your delivery confirmation, and more.

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