Whenever shoppers see they’re getting a deal for a limited time, it creates a sense of urgency for them to shop. 🛒 💨  As a business owner, applying discounts to only specific products, rather than the entire store, makes it easier to clear out products from your inventory to make room for new ones. 👕👢 🖥️

Here’s how to create a coupon for specific products:

  1. Go to Marketing > Coupons/Discounts and click Add
  2. If you want this to be an automatic discount (so the customer does not have to enter a code), leave the Coupon check box deselected and the Coupon Code field blank. If you want the customer to enter a code, select Coupon and enter the code in this field.
  3. Set the Discount Type to either Dollar Amount off a PRODUCT or Percent off a PRODUCT. Enter the discount amount in the Discount Value field
  4. Then, in the Products field, choose Select Products and select the products you would like this discount to apply to
  5. Click Save

For more detailed information see the article in the Knowledge Base on "Coupons / Discounts"


What products do you have that are collecting dust on your digital shelves? Try product-specific coupons and see if that gets them moving! 

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