You’re a busy store owner and time ⏰  is money, 💵  right?! You can’t afford to spend all day uploading one thumbnail image at a time. That’s why we created the Volusion Thumbnail Generator. This handy tool enables you to bulk upload product images so that you can give shoppers a glimpse at your goods, without them having to leave the page.

Ready, Set, Download!

To get started...

  1. Download the Volusion Thumbnail Generator
  2. Save the file on your computer, then unzip it
  3. Double click the setup.exe file and follow the instructions in the Installation wizard
  4. When the installation is complete, locate the Volusion TG program icon in the location you specified (for example, your Desktop) and double-click it to begin

What You Need To Succeed

To use the Volusion Thumbnail Generator, you need three things:

  1. A folder of JPEG or GIF photos of your products
  2. A blank folder to hold the generated images
  3. A CSV file (i.e. an Excel spreadsheet) with information that matches the image names of the photos in the first folder with the Product Codes from your product database. The CSV file should have the same number of rows as you have photos in the first folder, and two columns configured as follows:
    Column A  (a list of all your product codes)
    Column B (a list of corresponding image file names associated with each product code, including the .jpg or .gif file extension)

Easy Does It

If you have the three required items listed above, the generator will read the CSV file to find product codes and match them up with the images in the first folder! Magic? Nah, life-simplifying technology.

Configuring The Thumbnail Generator

Once you’ve downloaded the Thumbnail Generator, you have to configure it to work for you and your store. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Before you get started, be sure to close the CSV file you created to use with the Thumbnail Generator (otherwise, you'll get a pesky error ⚠️ when you try to create the thumbnails — ack!)
  2. Next, click on the desktop icon labeled Volusion TG to open the Thumbnail Generator
  3. Browse to select the current locations of your CSV file, photos folder and thumbnail folder as indicated by the field names
  4. Click Use Recommended Dimensions unless you have other specific requirements for image sizes. To learn more about different product image sizes and where they display on your store, see Product Image File Names
  5. Enter the JPEG quality you want the generated images to have 
  6. Click Create Thumbnails
  7. When the image files have been generated, they will automatically appear in the VolusionThumbnails folder
  8. Connect to your store's FTP client to transfer the new thumbnail image files into the /vspfiles/photos directory

And, voila, you're done!


The Volusion Thumbnail Generator makes product image uploads faster and more efficient, which gives you more time to run your business. Give it a shot and see all the time you save. ⏰

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