Occasionally your shoppers will place items in their carts and, for whatever reason, won't complete the purchase. Learning why they decided not to buy can be an invaluable resource for reducing abandoned carts and increasing sales.

Sending a Follow-Up

If an abandoned cart is associated with an existing customer account, you can send a follow-up to the email address on file.

  1. Go to Orders > Abandoned/Live Carts in your Admin Area.
  2. Click the three-dot actions menu icon and select Enable Quick Edit.
  3. Click Send Retention Email.

You can customize this communication by clicking Edit Abandoned Cart Retention Template or going to Design > File Editor, clicking the link under Email Templates, and selecting Abandoned_Cart_Retention.asp from the drop-down menu.

By default, a cart must be abandoned for 12 hours before you can click the Send Retention Email button. If you want the option to send retention emails sooner, you can update the Retention Email Waiting Period in Hours config variable. To do so, go to Settings > Config Variables and perform a search with the term "retention" in the Name field. Modify the numerical value in the field next to Retention Email Waiting Period in Hours and save.

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