Your customers can’t touch, feel, or try on your products before they buy, so having great photos on your site is the next best thing. There are a few things you can do to make sure your products – and your storefront – look great.

Take Quality Photos

Before you can showcase your products on your storefront, you need to take good pictures that accurately represent the items for sale. For some great tips on honing your product photography skills, check out this DIY Product Photography Resource Guide on our Ecommerce Insights blog.

Optimize Your Images for your Storefront

Once your photos are polished and looking good, you need to make sure they’re adjusted properly for your storefront.

Bigger Isn’t Better

Uploading the correct image size not only improves your storefront’s visual appeal, it can also reduce page load time and bandwidth usage. If your store is packed with huge image files, you may experience a significant reduction in performance – and so will your customers.

For best results, your product photos should be sized as close as possible to the dimensions they’ll appear on your storefront. For example, the homepage area of most store themes is about 900 pixels wide, so an image width of 900 pixels is a good target for images you plan to use on your homepage.

Important Note

You should always save a product's basic information (that is, Name, Price, Weight, etc.) before adding images or videos. This will help ensure quicker load times and fewer upload errors.

For the sake of storefront appeal and consistency, you’ll want to make sure all of your product photos are the same size when you upload them. Maintaining a consistent size standard will greatly improve the look and layout of your product grids and lists.

For more information, please see "Uploading Product Images". 

Custom Photo Sizes

Your store is preconfigured to automatically resize photos to specific dimensions, but some products just don’t fit into a “standard” photos size. You can use your store’s advanced image management features to upload product photos in any size you want.

We’ve written step-by-step instructions for "How to Configure Custom Product Image Sizes" to guide you along the way.

Alternate Product Images

Some products can’t truly be appreciated unless you can see them from different angles and perspectives. You can set up multiple views of a single product on your storefront to give customers a better look – the Image Lightbox lets them see everything in high quality and crisp detail.

To learn more, see our "Alternate Product Images" article.


Take the time to browse your site regularly – or better yet, recruit friends and family – so you always know what your storefront looks like from a customer's perspective.

The internet is primarily a visual medium, so it’s understandable that online shoppers rely so heavily on product images. If you’ve got great products to sell, it’s well worth it to compliment them with equally great product photos.

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